Spring Tournament 2016

5/14/2016 12:00:00 AM

Third Annual Spring Tournament 2016

Our Spring Tournament was once again successful.  We had a total of 55 teams and 83 participants.  We would like to Thank each of the participants, we couldn't do it without you.....Also a BIG THANK YOU to all of the OPA Volunteers that gave their time and talents to make this event a success.  A big shout out to our GREAT SPONSORS.   Community Bank, Federated Insurance, Gopher Sports and Ryverstyks were each a court sponsor.  Our general sponsors were Hy-Vee, Sheels, and Lowes.  We also received a donation from Lawerence Flater.  Please show your appreciation to our sponsors.

Here is the list of winners from our Spring tournament

Mixed Division

Mixed 2.5-70's 1st place Linda Goodwin/David Salzbach 2nd place Connie Blad/Bob Campbell 3rd place Tanya Corcoran/Andrew Corcoran

Mixed 3.0 1st place Bev Greenagle/Gary Cunningham 2nd place Sandy Buckley/Wayne Alink 3rd place Jan Kosta/Mike Finn

Mixed 3.5 A 1st place Bridgett McMullin/Lance Peteron 2nd place Connie Markell/Matt Weller 3rd place Kelly Kirk/Rick Fabing

Mixed 3.5 B 1st place Nick Hanke/Amy Hanke 2nd place Vickie Vannatta/Paul Krumrie 3rd place Diane Pensinger/Roger Eklund

Mixed 4.0- 4.5+ 1st place Linda Kauss/Dell Kauss 2nd place Pam Cecchini/Kevin Anderson 3rd place Beth Trout/Mike Frankenfield

Men's Division

Men's 70's - 1st place Bob Campbell/Don Pyatt 2nd place Stan Mustanski/Robert Webster 3rd place Terry Taylor/Wendell Engelstad

Men's 3.0-3.5 1st place Nick Hanke/Shane Wampler 2nd place Mike Copple/Mike Finn 3rd place Bob Ekstani/Jeff Berning

Men's 4.0-4.5+ 1st place David Fischer lll/Nick Fischer 2nd place Dell Kauss/Bob Stein 3rd place Christopher Wong/Tyler Spilder

Women's Division

Women's 3.0 1st place Betty Kriesel/Ann Gerth 2nd place Jan Kostka/Mandi Pralle 3rd place Tanya Corcoran/Cathy Espy

Women's 3.5 1st place Bridgett McMullin/Julie David 2nd place Kelly Kirk/Connie Markell 3rd place Sue Standafer/Renee Kaiser-Muelken

Congratulations to each of you :)

Once again a BIG THANK YOU to all involved....see you in November.



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