Owatonna Pickleball Association CFC Indoor Facility Guidelines & Policies March 2016 General Statement....The Owatonna Pickleball Association is fortunate to have negotiated time and access to play at the Christian Family Church gymnasium. We are also very pleased that the interest level and number of people coming to play continues to grow. With this growth we feel it important to outline a few general guidelines and policies so that all players get the opportunity to have a safe and enjoyable experience when playing here.

Entrance to Church and Parking • During the rainy and wintery days when there is snow or water on shoes, please change from your outdoor shoes or boots to indoor court shoes at the main entrance to prevent tracking snow and water onto the floors from the entrance to the gymnasium. • The CFC has requested that pickleball players refrain from parking in the circle area in front of the church. Parking in the circle is reserved for church staff and patrons.

Check-ln at Gymnasium.... Please sign in and pay the daily or monthly fee at the sign in desk located at the main doors to the gymnasium. All court fees must be paid in full before a player starts play. The OPA appreciates your honesty and integrity paying the appropriate fees.

Attire.... Proper pickleball attire. Non-marking soles only. Clean and dry court shoes only inside the gymnasium.

Courtesy to Others..... At conclusion of a game, please allow waiting players to play. Change of partners and teams is expected. Please rotate players on teams and courts so everyone can play and to allow people to play with and against different players. In the event that there are large numbers of players waiting, the OPA daily facilitator may notify players that games will be played to 9 rather than 11 to allow more player rotation and opportunity to play.

When waiting to play, assist with picking up balls that have landed outside playing area and return to inside of cardboard retainers. Do not walk behind players on adjacent courts to pick up balls until play has stopped. It is recommended to ask adjacent court players to retrieve your ball. Walk outside the playing court area (behind the cardboard retainers) when going to your court to play or when moving around. Portable radios, music or distracting noise is not allowed. Proper court etiquette is expected. Profanity and verbal abuse is prohibited. Throwing paddles and ball abuse is prohibited. Use trashcans to discard trash.

Children.... Children (age 12 and under) should use court 4 (furthest from the gym entrance) to play on. They should play with or have an adult near-by to supervise or assist them with learning the game. Non-playing children should be closely supervised by parents. Playing in the basketball court area is fine. Children should not wander into other areas of CFC. Non-playing children should not come onto the pickleball courts at any time to retrieve basketballs, Frisbees, etc., or to talk with parents.

Pickleball Court Maintenance • No food is allowed on the courts. • Capped drinks only. • Clean up spills immediately.

Christian Family Church Facility • Please keep bathrooms clean as appropriate. • All other rooms or parts of the CFC facility are off limits to pickleball players, players' children or guests.

Pickleball Machine.... The pickleball machine is available to use on Tuesdays AM and PM if there is an open court. The pickleball machine is available for private use on Thursdays, subject to court availability and additional fee. All pickleballs must be picked up after use. Please report any ball or ball machine concerns to an OPA board member.

Alcohol • Alcohol is prohibited in the facility. Please address your concerns, comments or ideas to the daily OPA indoor facilitators.