About Owatonna Pickleball Association

Letter From The President

Hello Fellow Pickleball Members

My name is Roger Meyerhofer.    Alan Peterson (our past President)  has set the bar very high.  I am confident with the support and input from the members I will be able to help the OPA in it's future efforts.

Our mission of Owatonna Pickleball Association has always been to promote the sport of pickleball in our community and surrounding communities. It is also my hope to make your pickleball experience an enjoyable one. Pickleball is a great recreational opportunity for people of all ages. Each year our membership continues to increase.  Our association is successful because of the support from it's members. With the continued support and participation of the members and the leadership of the Board of Directors we will accomplish great things together.

Thanks for your support,

Roger Meyerhofer


Pickleball is here!

We have taken many strides to make the sport of Pickleball available in Owatonna and our surrounding communities.  It's a family friendly sport that can be played by the young and the old alike.  You may see Grandparents playing with their Grandchildren or children playing with their parents, and all are having a great time.  It's a fun way to stay active.  We embrace all levels of play.  Our outdoor courts are situated on a beautiful setting at Morehouse Park.  Our indoor facility which is open from mid October to mid May is located at the Owatonna Christian Family Church (it's by Cabela's) If you have never played Pickleball but would like to give it a try, please come and join us, we would love to see you on the courts.

The Owatonna Pickleball Association has worked very diligently to bring the sport of pickleball to our community and surrounding communities.  Through the years we have set short term goals and long term goals for our association.  Short term goals include ways to appeal to younger members, have 12 Board of Directors and reach 200 members.  Our long term goal has always been to have our very own dedicated pickleball building and reach 400 members.  

Owatonna Pickleball Associations Accomplishments

  • Four outdoor pickleball courts
  • Formed an association and became a 501c3
  • Increased membership
  • Elected Board members and established by-laws
  • Multiple successful tournaments
  • Acquired an indoor facility
  • Purchased a Simon ball machine
  • Financially sound
  • Hosted pickleball clinics
  • Developed and maintained a web site
  • Secured dates/facilities for future tournaments
  • Community involvment with Park and Rec and Federated Insurance
  • Owatonna Pickleball Association is well respected and a leader in our community

Sunshine Committee

Our Sunshine Committee would like to respectfully acknowledge any of our members that may need a little "Sunshine" through a difficult time of their life.  If you know of any member that you feel would benefit from this please let our "Sunshine Gal" Rita Frizzell be aware of the situation.  Rita Frizzell can be reached at [email protected] or call her at 507-451-5046



Board of Directors


Roger Meyerhofer
Vice President

Karen Hedstrom
Secretary/Co Tournament Director/Web Administrator

Renae Jeno

Jerry Hartmann
At Large

Donald Nihart Jr
Board Member

Linda Mitchell
Board Member

Jim Klein
Board Member

Paul Krumrie
Board Member

Edith Schauble
Board Member/Public Relation

Renee Hood
Board Member/Sponsorships

Wendell Engelstad
Board Member

Erling Hommendahl
Sunshine Gal

Rita Frizzell